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If you are facing the shortage of money to pay your grocery bill or any other urgent expenses, you can opt for payday loans. These instant loans will pay off your bills right away. Sometimes it is better option to borrow money to make timely payments rather than to delay the payment, which will result in a bad credit history. So, to maintain a good credit history as well as to meet your emergency expenditures, payday loans South Africa are your best bet.

We are your one window to avail cash loans from the comfort of your home. You can get any amount that is good enough to pay your bills until the next paycheque. We offer you trouble-free loans as we have the contacts with lenders who believe in fair lending practice. They will never be after you for repayment as their terms and conditions are flexible and consumer-friendly.

We make sure that your payday loan clients get the best possible service so that they get the money on time with no hassles and worries regarding documentation. You save your precious time as we arrange everything for you on your behalf. Borrowing with us is even easier for those who are taking out payday loans second chance. We make sure that your loan is quickly processed for timely money so that you do not fall behind with your bills.

No Paperwork

With us, you are relieved of the paperwork in borrowing cash loans South Africa. You do not have to sign documents. There is no need also for faxing or mailing the documents back to us. Everything is done here online. Whole processing of the loan is paperless and online.

You can apply for loan directly from our site using our online application. This requires you to fill basic information like your name, loan amount, duration, etc. However, you will be giving us your bank statement of past 3 months to prove your employment status. That document can be uploaded easily.

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Who is eligible for the loan?

You must meet some criterion to be eligible for borrowing timely money under these cash loans.

      • You must be over 18 years of age to qualify for these loans
      • You must also have a regular income source
      • Only a South Africa resident can borrow the money under the loan
      • The candidate must also hold a bank account to get a monthly salary

If you are the right person to qualify for the loan, we make sure that your loan application gets approved immediately. Even if you are borrowing under loans South Africa bad credit, you get the cash right when you need it due to our close contacts with the trustworthy lenders.

You can apply for the loan in four easy steps.

1. Apply online in a safe and secure way

Fill our short online application form in minutes. Give us your basic personal information, which will be kept secure and safe from any sharing with undesirable persons.

2. Instant review of your application

Our expert team of financial professionals will automatically submit your application to a select panel of multiple lenders in quick time. The lenders will review your application and you get a message of approval.

3. Give acceptance from your end

Once you are conveyed approval of the loan, you need to give your acceptance to the offer from the lender. You will sign the relevant contact to finalize the loan.

4. Get the cash in your account that very day

One of the lenders from our panel will approve and send the cash in your bank account in a few minutes.

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How much can you borrow?

These cash loans South Africa are designed to meet some unforeseen expenditures of the salaried class of people. So, it is presumed that you will be borrowing an amount that you can easily repay from the next paycheque. Most borrowers, therefore, apply for a smaller amount that they can comfortably repay in a month or so.

Typically, these types of loans can fetch you any amount ranging from R 500 to R 150,000 depending on your monthly salary. If you get a big paycheque and need money for urgency, you can safely borrow greater money as the lender will be more than willing to approve.

However, make sure that you borrow only a smaller amount that is not a burden your next month’s salary. After all, you need the paycheque for other regular expenditures also.

Another point to note here is that your credit history also will be determining factor in the approval of a loan amount. People with fair credit history can confidently apply for a bigger loan.

No Credit Checks

One of the attractive and key features of loans is that you get money instantly despite the blemishes in your credit history. For different reasons, you may have faulted on paying past loans. But that does not mean that you cannot get money to pay off your urgent bills.

With our site, your bad credit history is not an impediment. We make sure that you get loans South Africa no credit check. Our experienced team of loan experts knows how to get your application approved by the lenders. We have close contacts with the lenders who specially provide the loan to such people with an adverse credit history.

All you have to do to get emergency loans bad credit no credit check SA is to prove your repayment capacity. We will advise that you borrow an amount that is well below than what you earn monthly. This way, you can convince the lender that the loan will be paid back on time and that the loan amount is safe and secure.

So, get your payday loan application started with us right away to have cash on the same day for any urgent expenditure. We make sure that you do not face any hurdles in your way of taking out the loan from the lenders in South Africa.

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