How can I get financial assistance in a day?
Apply for a loan at 24 Hour Payday Loans and get the cash you need within a day. Our main aim is to offer you the money you need by helping you find the right loan deal by the lender you trust. Be it for pending bills, due rent or any unplanned travel expenditure, you can easily get the money you need within 24 hours of applying.

What are the preconditions that I will need to fulfil to qualify?
In order to qualify for our loan services you will need to meet just a few preconditions. You will need to confirm that you are a citizen of South Africa and have crossed 18 years of age. In addition you should also hold a valid bank account where lenders can deposit direct cash and be currently employed so that lenders can confirm your repayment ability.

Is it possible to qualify for a loan despite having bad credit status?
Of course it is! Having bad credit or poor credit will never hold you from qualifying for any of our loan services. You can apply even if you have not yet started building credit history. Lenders we work with are concerned more about your repayment ability than your past credit history. So, regardless of your credit status you can apply and receive the cash you need.

How long will I have to wait for approval?
For approval you do not have to wait for more than a few hours. Online application as well as approval procedure will help you get the cash you need fast.

Is it safe to apply online?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to apply online through us.

What if I need additional information?
For any additional information, feel free to contact us at any time.

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